• Overall I thought this was a good read. It really wasn’t the type of story I’m normally interested in but I found it entertaining. You’re dialouge was well done. I think at times you were WAY too descriptive. […]

  • I will have to agree with one of the other reviewers . . . this script doesn’t really bring anything new to table. There are so many stories about the holocaust out there, that if you’re going to write about it, […]

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    I think the concept for this script is a good one. There are SO many zombie flicks out there that it’s great to see a different take on it. Unfortunately, I really didn’t enjoy this particular script as much as […]

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    Overall I thought the script was good. I thought the story was very simple but told well. I think you need to go back and construct a third act . . . right now it’s almost non existant. The script reads about ten […]

  • I think it’s really hard to do mob stories these days. The bar has been set really high by all the fantastic ones over the years. This story seems very familiar and doesn’t really bring anything to the table. The […]

  • Comedy is never an easy thing to review. What's funny to one person is not always funny to someone else . . . and that happens to be the case here. I thought the concept was funny, but that's about all. The […]

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    You can definitely tell that the writer of this script is a hockey fan, which I can appreciate since I am one as well. Unfortunately, the story overall was not there for me. I would have enjoyed this script a […]

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    I hate having to write a bad review but I'm afraid with this particular script I'm going to have to. The dialogue was REALLY bad (I'm talking really bad). I'm not even sure what I was reading. It was as if […]

  • Really good sci-fi script. Just the thought of “the void” scares the hell out of me. The idea that you could be caught in this world forever is terrifying. I really enjoyed the struggle the two main characters go […]

  • Great story about survival, under the worst of conditions. The action sequences were filled with stress and danger. Dialogue was natural and engaging. The narrative had a really great flow to it. I would love to […]

  • I thought the script (what little there was, not sure why it was only 76 pages) was written well. The dialogue came across as realistic. The concept and story were not there for me. I feel like I’ve seen this same […]

  • I think the trailer looked pretty good. Very well edited. There really was no synopsis for the trailer to represent, but I got the idea from watching the trailer. Well done.

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    The trailer is defintely lacking. The concept was fairly interesting but the trailer itself needs some re editing to help give it a better hook.

  • I think the idea is fun . . . like something out of an old “Three’s Company” episode (and that’s meant as a compliment, lol). If done well, I think it could be funny.

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    The trailer LOOKED good and the main actor seems solid, but it really tells you nothing. Without having the synopsis in front of me, I would have no clue what the film is about. I would definitely suggest beefing […]

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