• I liked this Logline! It honestly made me want to see this film. I do agree that there could be one or two more sentences giving me a little more of the plot and clearing up who is doing what and maybe why. […]

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    Overall this logline doesn’t really work for me. First off try reading this logline out loud, that first sentence seems to go on forever. Secondly you should check your grammar and tenses of words. The second […]

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    I’d say this script needs some work, but the story is there and I liked the concept! I also feel that there was too much camera direction and setting of the scene. It caused the screenplay to read more like a […]

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    I like this trailer a lot! I do have to agree with Rick though the main character is a little over the top with his idiocy. I also am a fan of Danny Trejo, congrats on casting him! This is the type of […]


    I have to say I loved this screenplay! It was an amazing read. I admit it was a little long; however the length did not bother me at all. It actually made it a lot easier to visualize everything in my […]


    WOW!! WTF???? I am at a complete loss for words. I have to agree with YoPauly here, I hate to leave a negative review, but I can't find one thing positive to say about it! I couldn't understand anything […]

  • I'd have to agree with the other reviewers. The logine was pretty good, but i couldn't get into the story. It took forever to get started and before I knew it, it was over. 76 pages is somewhere between a short […]

  • I liked this story a lot! The script was a great read, a real page turner. I really like the idea of the void and being able to stop time and take advantage of that situation. I thought the two main characters […]

  • Overall I feel like I would need to know a little more about the story to really grasp the concept of the film. I agree that the concept has been done before, but honestly what film idea hasn’t, I mean if we take […]

  • This trailer is great, I loved the music it totally builds the tension and makes you want to know what happens to the character who wants to know about his wife. I also like how the bad guys costume is simple yet […]

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