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World In Flames

The year is 1915. Mage is a daughter of wealthy landowners in Lithuania. The country is part of the Russian empire but the Tsar’s forces have left on the eve of the German invasion. Mage vows to stay despite many entreaties to leave. Upon arriving, the Germans take residence at her estate. They do not consider her to be a threat and one of the officers (Major’as) tries to woo her. However, he must compete for her affections with a Prussian Lithuanian (Gintautas). Major’as eventually sends Gintautus away to the front so he can chase after Mage without interference. However, before he can win her heart, the Germans are forced to retreat. With the Russians advancing, they decide to burn down Mage’s estate for strategic purposes. She is outraged by their barbarity and sacrifices herself by remaining inside her mansion as it burns down.

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