space miner
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space miner

its the year 2050 i have been in space for 20 years
i no i am never coming home the mad scientists say
1 year out ten tears back so i will live at the edge of
the asteroid belt for the good of mankind until the
end of my time i will be the first two see if indeed
this is where life came from i will harpoon and parachute
and core drill and mount rod with eye loop in every
one i can for the good of man but little did i no
the evil minds that plot destruction had there own
ideas on what they would do with the asteroids if
were the first two get two

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      ASavante says
      October 18, 2016, 3:07 am
      Story Potential

      This is incomprehensible. You appear to have no grasp of the English language, much less the concept of a logline. I apologize for being harsh, but it would be difficult to make this any worse.

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