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Comment on The Quiet Corner Ohhh I really like that. Thank you so much!
Comment on The Quiet Corner Thanks so much I'm gonna try to make a clearer one. I appreciate it a lot though, thank you.
Comment on Project Gladiator Though it's been done it would interesting to see it with younger characters.
Comment on The Pope's Hit List I can imagine seeing this in theaters.
Comment on Oscar I like the idea, curious what you would make of it.
Comment on MY SON IS MY SUPERVISOR The idea is great. If only that logline was a little tighter though.
Comment on Jury of Peers, Separate & Equal I would love to see this. A good courtroom drama discussing something on this magnitude would be interesting.
Comment on REMATCH I really like the idea of it. This could be done so well. What I'm interested in is the situation…
Comment on The Sword Of Arya Tighten up the logline but I like the idea.