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Comment on The Turquoise Dress Exellent drama but need more white space. Reads like a novel. I think the "G" should be on his cuff…
Comment on Ely I like the story being set in 19th century. Perhaps intergrate a social context from your era into the logline…
Comment on Death Is Just The Beginning I like that his suicide-way-out comes back to bite him. Good luck!
Comment on She Was Left Alone Goal and tension is crystal clear. Great potential for an authentic tear-jerker.
Comment on Furlough Orignail but tricky. The audience will need a compelling reason not to cry AWOL! or deserter!
Comment on Teammates Good premise, weak hook. Could be fun is spun the right way.
Comment on The Bone Fence Love the title, but hope the story unfolds in a more original way than the same ol' innocent being strung…
Comment on No Good Deed This could be blast! Good luck!
Comment on Mom's Dying Wish If the family is drifting because they are aware of and believe the mother's accusation, then your protagonist's goal is…
Comment on Take It To The Bank Definitely a niche audience but this could be uproarious if written well.