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Comment on No Trespassin' got my interest would need to know more
Comment on Welcome to Levittown sounds interesting would need to know more would be interesting reading the script
Comment on Crazy People I like it being a former jcpennys associate I would go see it
Comment on The Return of the Blues Brothers it be a good movie you would need to get permission to use it
Comment on Jason's Apprentice me personaly would like just not sure if a producer would make this movie too similar to movies that have…
Comment on The Felonious Four I really like it would definitely something I would want to see
Comment on Past and present good story but not sure if it my stlye of movie I do think some people would like it
Comment on White House Assassin I thinks it a good story one I would go see
Comment on Hail Mary sounds like something been done before
Comment on Doomsday love the story logline is long