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Comment on Colossal Giant bugs..It's been done many times. If you can find an awesome twist or ending just to make it different.
Comment on Confederate Werewolves Really like the premise. I can see it as an action film as well.
Comment on Elizabeth Bennet is Dead Really good! I'd watch it.
Comment on Seeds We Sow The logline does not flow smoothly. However, with revision it can give a solid backdrop for the story!
Comment on Prayer of the Night I really like your set-up so far. However, the logline is kind of short. Where does the story go? Who…
Comment on Dangerous Conditions I really like this and would love to see it as a film. Try to describe the two couples…
Comment on Stormy Nights No need for "GA" most people know where Atlanta is. The logline lacks a bit and is very vauge.…
Comment on 10 Days In Paradise No need for "South America" Interesting concept!
Comment on Oscar love the premise!