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Comment on Mickey's Mitzvah Awesome review! Thanks,
Comment on Major League Priest a kid gamer-any connection to Bernie Mac is a home run! THANKS!!!!
Comment on Major League Priest James, Thanks for the nice review...fv
Comment on Logline / Movie Idea Contest The first line asks to "check box here" and Logline Fest 2014????????
Comment on Zapruder's Camera Hi Dave- Thanks for your in depth review of Zapruder's Camera which original title was "The President is Coming"…
Comment on Her New Girlfriend Tootsie only dressed as Tootsie; BIG difference between putting on a dress ad make-up then going under the knife..
Comment on JoanieJitters Thanks Fabian...I see it as I Love Lucy kinda story and character, right?
Comment on JoanieJitters Thanks for the nice words, although I see it as more I Love Lucy type...right?
Comment on Turn Left Comrade You are absolutely right, I need to make it more concise...I'll have to work on it. Thanks!
Comment on Turn Left Comrade David- When that plane disappeared, I came up with this extravagant scenario, which may not be that extravagant after…