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Comment on Sunflower not only is this logline really original, it also has a great title and a possiblity to be a great…
Comment on Sysco, the Worst Disaster Ever Created looks pretty cool, just maybe improve the animation in the video.
Comment on The CEO's Wife I really like the idea of a woman used to living the rich life living in a homeless shelter, how…
Comment on The Grail Could be very interesting, but your target audience would have to be people who know about the energy crisis, and…
Comment on The Night It Happened Seems like a combination of Warning Sign (1985) and Stephen King's Dreamcatcher.
Comment on The Profiler I'm not sure I understand it, you may want to explain the term Psychutioner.
Comment on Her New Girlfriend I honestly think opinions would vary among your audience.
Comment on The Paradise looks cool but could use some work.
Comment on Kill the Wookie I suspect the production company that made Star Wars would not be amused...
Comment on Blood Sucking Lawyers I could see this as a black comedy