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Posted on September 9, 2014
Posted on September 9, 2014

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Comment on Home Paw Christmas Thank you for great comments, every writer tries to inspire and motivate.
Comment on Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Log line to long. Focus on the plot or the main character's arc.
Comment on Final Request Could be a good story. Just familiar maybe decide on a different direction for the main character.
Comment on The Cat's Illuminati Not sure. If it is funny or just a cute animated cartoon. The plot needs to be developed more.
Comment on Merry F#$%ng Christmas Seems funny. Maybe a contra positive view of Terrorist what would they benefit from Santa.
Comment on Thou Shalt Not Kill Good Logline. Plot definition clarity. Might be a good movie.
Comment on Death Is Just The Beginning Not bad. I bit long needs to be more concise on what the plot is.
Comment on I Am the Son of God Good story. Decide whether it is the journey of self discovery or the character's belief in who he is important.…
Comment on The Anti Cupid A little confusing. Need to be rewritten, maybe focus on the plot or the character's arc. Determine which should…
Comment on Unemployed Needs a better hook. Character development. No real conflict.