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Posted on July 2, 2015
Posted on July 2, 2015

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Comment on Pulp It Up Great idea, though the logline needs to be tightened up
Comment on The Regenisis Saga Interesting idea. Logline needs to be shorter though
Comment on REMATCH Really simple and direct. Like it!
Comment on The Return of the Blues Brothers Not bad, like the set up for the rebirth of a classic duo
Comment on Ostrich and palm needs some work. "Once Upon a time" sounds like a fairytale, like Princess Bride. If that's the tone, then great.…
Comment on Givers and Takers You should mention the FBI guy first and should be shorter: An FBI agent tries to prove…
Comment on Phate Great idea, but logline should be a little shorter. example: During a major outbreak, an…
Comment on Oscar Like it! Very simple and yet, plenty of room for emotional drama as it concerns the concept of family, which…