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Comment on the dark side of blood moon well my friend the movie john tucker the big white scary bears rabid grizzly bears you can only go into…
Comment on HITLER'S ASTROLOGER i like a hitlernything with
Comment on The Tales of Launcelot: The Knight Who Sacked Guinevere when i saw the word sacked i thought it was football
Comment on Past and present did you mean to say she never trusts men again or thrusts men again either way i guess it works
Comment on Confessions of the Gilgo Beach Killer how do you rate something that is based on a true story
Comment on Poster Girl poster girl more like threes company
Comment on BLOOD SISTERS i no theres at least ten girls in this one thats a good even #
Comment on TO KISS A KILLER more like a cereal killer
Comment on When the Devil Knocks this guy looks like ted bundy watch your kids
Comment on THE WITCHING HOUR i was reading the longline and thinking is this the blair witch project and it was