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Comment on BLOOD SISTERS This is a decent horror script without too much violence and gore. I write the kind of movies that I…
Comment on THE WITCHING HOUR Thanks for your comments. I just wanted to write an entertaining horror script. It's based on an urban legend…
Comment on A place called Eden It's not bad for a first page. I wanted to read more.
Comment on THE PERFECT EPILOGUE The synopsis is wordy but outlines what sounds like a good thriller.
Comment on Till Death Do Us Part This logline could be more descriptive and story sounds somewhat twisted.
Comment on The Legion Of The Dead More details have to be revealed to hook the reader.
Comment on Auntie's House This sounds like a great thriller.
Comment on Leopard Lineage - The Bargain I love horror and scifi and this seems like a cross between Buffy and Charmed.
Comment on Black I love horror movies but this seems too violent for my taste.
Comment on Choices There needs to be details here.