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Comment on 12 Strands l like your suggestion, short and sweet!
Comment on EARTH SENTINELS: THE STORM CREATORS Your "review" seemed more like a rant. Any script that can invoke that much emotion is great, whether you like…
Comment on EARTH SENTINELS: THE STORM CREATORS Thanks for your feedback and high rating! It's greatly appreciated.
Comment on The Tales of Launcelot: The Knight Who Sacked Guinevere This is difficult to judge because it's not written as a script, but as a novel with scene and character…
Comment on The Kiss The concept and story is very good, but I felt the script needed to be more concise. The segments that…
Comment on 12 Strands I think the term "alien" implies villain, and since the women oppose them, they are the heroines of the story.
Comment on Storm Dragons I agree that "can" would be stronger.
Comment on Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators I felt that my longer logline was too long, but here is what it says: A fallen…
Comment on Scroll Back This sounds fascinating!
Comment on Wired Perfect! Sounds original!