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A first ever produced Romantic Science Fiction satirical Hollywood-Bollywood joint Production of Sub-Continent ,International film
The film is based on the theme of Prof Dr Douglas Charles and Prof Dr Adan Haether PhD.
The writer & Director of the film is a research Scientist ,having PhD & Post Doctorate from Harvard University USA  .
In this film the characters of the Prime Minister of India in year 2030 ( Actor Adan ) and Prime Minister of Pakistan ( Actress Karen ) in year 2030 ,are investigating about joint space program of India ,USA and Pakistan , during investigations they find a story , which is  based on  70% facts and 30% fiction about a stone ( meteorite ) that fell from Jupiter ,52000 years ago in India in Buldhana dist Maharashtra , 500 km away from Mumbai India that formed a crater , the Lonar Crater Lake ..
The film covers a peace project ” Aman ki Asha between India and Pakistan.
Two fictitious characters of Aliens of Jupiter , RAY ( male Jupiter Alien -Actor Adan ) and BEAM ( Female Jupiter Alien -Actress Karen ) were Lovers of Jupiter.The female alien fell on Earth 52000 Earth Years ago .Her lover RAY comes to find her on Earth in year 2015 , but he goes back to Jupiter to bring Hydrogen Fuel for the developing nations for economic growth , it takes him 15 Earth years to come back to Earth in year 2030 .
When he comes back to Earth , everyone including Karen becomes old , then he goes  to Mercury to bring formula for artificial rain .
But he forgets to explore his Jupiter’s Lover  BEAM ……….. Then what happens ? Watch the film on Holi & Christmas 2015 in Hollywood & Bollywood Cinemas .  10% discount on film’s tickets for students.
Kindly click on this  link   for unofficial TRAILER of the film ” LOVERS from JUPITER to INDIA ‘
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