What is a Logline?

A logline is one or two sentences explaining what the story is and why it is unique.   The purpose of a logline is to act as an advertising “teaser” or like a news headline or a sales slogan.  It hooks the reader into wanting to read your full story.

For examples and more on Loglines click HERE.

Basic Rules:

  • All submissions are FREE!
  • All submission are posted online for judging.
  • Any logline from a nonproduced screenplay may be submitted.
  • You may submit multiple loglines.
  • Loglines may be submitted even if the screenplay is not completed. Please Note: your work should be protected by the WGA or a Copyright, if not, you are entering at your own risk.
  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • You must be the author of the logline.
  • ScreenplayFest is not responsible for your idea.
  • ScreenplayFest has the right to refuse to upload your logline into the contest.


  • You must vote on and review a minimum of 10 loglines for your votes to count.
  • You must vote on and review a minimum of 10 for your votes to count for your logline to stay on our website. (15 votes per logline submission)
  • You may not vote more than once on your own logline.
  • You may not vote all 5’s on one logline and all 1’s on another — this is Voter Bias.

Revised Logline Submission

You may submit a revised logline, however, you may only do so after you have finished your 15 reviews.  For every revised logline submission, you must vote on another 10 loglines.


We will be accepting VIDEO PITCHES at any time!  Writers may submit a link to their uploaded video pitch (from youtube or vimeo, etc) — A video of you pitching your project to excite members about your movie idea!  Include your name, screenplay title and genre, maybe even a one liner about yourself, and most importantly… your pitch!  Click HERE to submit your Video Pitch via email!

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