2009/10 Winners


  • “NEAR DEATH TANGO”  by Jacqueline Stahl
    • Drama / Comedy
    • “Little Miss Sunshine” meets “American Beauty”
    • There’s nothing special about Liz Miller’s bland existence, except for her stunning dreams of Argentine tango and her passionate drive to somehow fill her wanting heart. When she fails to revive her dull marriage and finds jarring disappointments in the tango world, she repairs her broken spirit by committing an unusual crime of passion.


  • “AGAIN COMES THE RAIN” by Derrick Shaw
    • Comedy / Drama
    • “Peggy Sue Got Married” meets “Training Day”
    • A corrupt cop must relive his life from age five to fix his past indiscretions. In doing this he must repair the relationship with his absentee father and save his younger brother from their child molesting uncle while still going to kindergarten.
  • “STONE SOUP” by Craig Minor
  • “FINDING PATIENCE” by Aaliyah Miller
  • “JERUSALEM IDOL” by Lewis Papier


AWARD: Pitchfest Ticket, Free Submission into the Philadelphia Screenplay Festival, Guaranteed Upload of Screenplay

  • Dave Kraft – “FULL CONTACT”


AWARD: Guaranteed upload of your Screenplay into our Screenplay Festival, may submit a second screenplay for only $15.00

  • “Jerusalem Idol” – Lewis Papier
  • “Again Comes the Rain” – Derek Shaw


AWARD: May submit your Logline’s Script for ONLY $15.00 or if you already submitted only a $15.00 submission for your SECOND screenplay into the Philadelphia Screenplay Festival!

  • Jerusalem Idol – Lewis Papier
  • Again Comes the Rain – Derrek Shaw
  • The Ace of Aces – Geoffrey Breuder
  • RADIO/WAVES – Jeff Goldberg
  • Finding Phillippe – Tim Carr
  • Seldom Is Heard – Randy Gross
  • Gravewalker – Matt Deller
  • Destination Yesterday – Dexter Williams
  • Lake Robbins – Mark Garland
  • Side Effects – Adam Libarkin
  • Reasons? – Marjory Leposki
  • Finding Patience – Aaliyah Miller
  • Darker Than Black – Billy Watkins
  • Well Kept Secret – Dee Rinaldi
  • The Four Horseman – Vinny Deleon
  • The Desire Behind Six Faces – Justin Orkin

The Top 15 Honorable Mention Loglines from our Logline Festival will receive a discounted entry fee into our Screenplay Festival for only $15.00! Please note: If you have already submitted a Submission Fee into the Screenplay Festival and then discover you are a Logline Festival Finalist, you WILL NOT be reimbursed but may however submit a SECOND SCRIPT for the reduced fee of $15.00.

TOP REVIEWER/VOTER AWARD ($20): Turfseer (Lewis Papier)