2013 ScriptFest Winners Announced!

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We’d like to congratulate the recent winners of our 2013 Contest!  Winners are listed below.  If anyone wishes to contact the writers, they may do so on our website: www.ScreenplayFest.com or simply email us at info@screenplayfest.com.

Grand Prize:

Warrior And The Beast (Fantasy)

Writer: Erik H. Bernard, Lyndon Tait

Logline:  (Beauty And The Beast meets Lord Of The Rings) A young man battles the goddess of war to save the world and restore the beauty of a princess in action packed retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

2nd Place:

The Imaginator (Family)

Writer: Akiva Penaloza

Logline: (It’s A Wonderful Life meets Miracle On 34th Street) Imagine a toy that lets you dare to dream.  It exists in “The Imaginator,” a new holiday family classic that interweaves the loves and losses of a toymaker and an orphan with the high concept, special effects of a magical toy.

3rd Place:

Zebra Victor One (Horror, Thriller)

Writer: Adam Bradley

Logline: (28 Days Later meets Book Of Eli)  In a post-apocalyptic world, one man drives across the country bringing justice to those responsible for causing the apocalypse.

Honorable Mentions:

Sunflower (Drama)

Writer:  Willie Warren

Logline: An alcoholic divorcee who has just lost his job, has his life changed forever when his elderly neighbor suddenly dies and leaves sole guardianship of her autistic granddaughter to him.

Drive Thru (Comedy)

Writer: Michael Zamanis

Logline: A troubled middle aged warehouse manager finds solace in the compassionate young voice that emanates from the order speaker of a local drive thru restaurant he frequents.


Fraternal Brotherhood (Drama) written by Frederick Gross: When a young teen joins a high school fraternity to raise his social stature he gets more than he bargains for trapped in vicious hazing rituals and brutal street warfare with rival fraternities.

Strike Two (Drama, Fantasy) written by Craig Horst: The circumstances of his birth allow Nathaniel Bicker, b. 1830, to live well into the twenty first century and become an urban legend.

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Submissions are OPEN for our next contest… Submit Here! 

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