“So you guys were so helpful with commercial agencies that I ended up signing with the wonderful Joan Messinger at Pinnacle. ‘Seriously Jerry? You got a commercial agent from zero-to-signing in 5 weeks? Wow, that was fast!’ Yessir, and that’s why you are all so awesome.”

–Jerry terHorst, “Terry Putlett: Super Janitor!” (2011 Script Contest Participant)

“Someone from Sicily wants to fund “Angel’s Redencion” if my director will shoot in Sicily! They got the script off of the SPF (ScreenplayFest) site!  I loaded it last year. Wild!  The script is perfect now.  The director via Rommolo Bioni is pursuing Antonio Banderas…weird life. My director and the funder will work with the Film Commission in Sicily to hopefully solidify details.  I also have an entertainment attorney now.  Fingers crossed that this comes through!  I do love you guys, thanks.  There are lingering benefits to uploading scripts!  I love the way you guys (SPF) understand that people get busy and disappear for a bit, whereas TriggerStreet drops rank when writers are not active for a bit.  SPF HAS A NICER BUNCH ALSO.”

–Samantha Grant, “Angel’s Redencion” (2012 ScriptFest Participant)

“The exec at Lionsgate’s Pantelion Films tells me that the latest version of the script (the one with your help) made it past the studio readers and they’re considering it in their development meetings.  Just wanted to say thanks again.”

— Nathan S. Jones, “Tongue Tied” (2011 ScriptFest Participant with Script Coverage)

“The Philadelphia Screenplay Festival was an amazing experience for my brother and I.  We used the script coverage and devised a new draft with a new ending. I’d like to share it with you. I appreciate all that you have done for us.”

— Robert Cahill, “Lookout Lou!” (2011 ScriptFest Winner)

“My stories are listed on a few other sites, but NONE are as insightful, helpful as ScreenplayFest, especially with comments and criticism about every aspect of my scripts, whether grammar, format, subtext,typos, proofing, loglines.  I mean, who needs USC or NYU film school when I have Screenplayfest as my coach???  It really means a lot to me. Great work.”

— Frank Vespe (2012 ScreenplayFest Contestant)

“Just wanted to drop a quick message saying thanks for throwing this contest. Ever since I registered I’ve had access to dozens of great screenplays. I log on every few hours, I’m making lots of new writer-friends, building connections with people, and I’m reading one screenplay a day. It’s a great feeling reading a fellow undiscovered writers’ work. Makes you marvel at how much talent is out there being untapped. This is a great contest you have and I’m glad I got to be a part of it. Have a lovely day. Cheers.”

— Brian Moniz (2012 ScreenplayFest Contestant “Russian Cross”)

David Ebeltoft, WINNER of the 2008 Philadelphia Screenplay Fest, has been interviewed by SeeMeSellaScreenplay.com. His screenplay “You Were Once Called Queen City” also placed as a Finalist in the BlueCat Screenplay Competition.  CLICK HERE to read his 3 part interview!

“I would like to express my gratitude for creating a great resource for aspiring writers like myself to post our work! I have received amazing feedback from my Synopsis and am extremely excited to have made your selection. After taking into consideration the valuable comments from other members, I have revised my synopsis. Please let me know if you need anything else from me to update the current text.”

Nicolas Lockheimers, 2013 SynopsisFest Submission “Kid Slammed”

“Hello Screenplay Fest, I’m writing because I’ve been wanting to update you on my results from winning Philadelphia’s Screenplay Fest.  I had a great time at the Great American PitchFest, and I managed to get 5 producers to read my script! I also received two requests to read the script in response to the Script Delivery Service.  I’m very happy with these results, and I want to thank you for helping to make them happen! Thanks again for your work on the Festival. Much appreciated!  I’ll be sure to spread the word about Philadelphia’s Screenplay Fest!”

— Jacqueline Stahl, “Near Death Tango” (2009 ScriptFest Winner)

“Thanks for a great site.” “G’day from down under! I’m a newbie writer, and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot by exploring the loglines & articles on your webiste.”

Ed Love, “Judgement Date” (2012 Logline Competition)

“Thanks again for a great couple of months.  Loved being a part of the contest!”

–Scott Perloff, “Master Guardian (2012 ScriptFest Runner-Up)

“Yes! Please let me know when you have a deadline and are accepting submissions again! I was in your 2008 Competition and really enjoyed it. Thanks again!”

— Lance Bradley, “Dark Sky” (2008/2009 ScriptFest)

“Of all the on-line sites I belong too, Inktip, Zoetrope, triggerstreetlabs, amazon.studios, your site has got to be my all-around favorite. I cannot thank you enough for the feedback, sometimes good, sometimes fair, I get from your team, truly amazing.  After all, who needs NYU film school (oppsss) when I have you!  My deepest thanks. But seriously, no other site cares about it’s writers, submitters, such as yours, it’s unbelievable…Rick, MikeyZ, I mean your members are truly sincere, well meaning, read EVERYTHING, see every little typo! (Rick caught three typos I never saw!)  If I can ever return the favor, I would be honored.”

— Frank Vespe (2012 ScreenplayFest Contestant)

“Hi Screenplay Fest, I’ve enjoyed participating in the competition and wish you continued success.  Winning the Log Line Competition has been a great door opener for me. Thank you. Keep up the good job. It’s one of the best contest concepts I’ve seen.”

— Dave Kraft, “Full-Contact” (2009 Logline Winner, 2009 ScriptFest)

“Dear Screenplay Fest, thank you so much for the honor of Best Reviewer in the Screenplay Competition.  The truth is, it was a tremendous pleasure reading the PhillyScriptFest entries. The screenplays possessed a high degree of originality and creativity. The writing was almost uniformly strong.  Congratulations to you on successfully organizing a unique competition!”

— Don Adams, “Kingbird” (2008 ScriptFest)

“I just wanted to thank you for your quick response. I definitely learned a lot from entering your competition. What I thought was a good draft deserved much, but not all, of the reviewers comments. I took to heart what was wrong, and in just editing the screenplay, shortened it from 125 pages to 102. Thanks again.”

— C. L. Arangio (ScriptFest 2011)

“I’ve been telling many people up here in Toronto how unique and amazing your site is and many are signing up!  Canada loves the Philadelphia ScreenplayFest!”

–Michael Zamanis “Miles and Fiona and Trudy and the Therapist” (ScriptFest 2013)

“Hi! It’s great to see that I won Best Reviewer in the Log Line Competition.”

— Lois Wickstrom. “Skunk-Boy” (2008 ScriptFest)

“I’m really looking forward to the Pitch Fest. Thanks for helping me get there!”

— Jackie Stahl, “Near Death Tango” (2009 ScriptFest Winner)

“I just wanted to say thanks! I have HUGE gratitude for what Screenplay Fest did for me.  If nothing else happens as a result of this competition and even I if my Log Line doesn’t win, I’m already in much better shape after you gave me the original invitation/advice & articles on how to improve the Log Line for contest consideration.  Best Wishes!”

— Dave Kraft, “Full-Contact” (2009 Logline Winner, 2009 ScriptFest)

“Thank you so much! It was a pleasure being involved with the Philadelphia Screenplay Festival. Heading home now to submerge myself with these great opportunities.”

— Bob Cahill, “Lookout Lou” (2011 ScreenplayFest Winner)

“I truly enjoyed the experience Screenplay Fest had to offer. It provided exposure to a fostering community of fellow writers and film fans that added fuel to my creative tank. As of right now, I’m running on full for my current and future projects!  Feel free to contact me at anytime. Thank you for your time and for hosting these types of opportunities.”

— David Ebeltoft, “You Were Once Called Queen City” (2008 ScriptFest Winner)

“Perfect. Thanks for the response. I appreciate all your hard work. Your site has created such a wonderful community that I’m grateful to be a part of!”
–Chase Brogan (2012 ScreenplayFest Member)
“Many thanks for such prompt replies to two of my queries. Really appreciate your professionalism. I’ve attached the revised pdf to this email.  Thank you very much for making this so easy. You guys are great.”
–Bunny Badlani (2013 ScreenplayFest Member)

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