Cinequest Day 5 — Writers Panel

20130302-095838.jpg“James Delasandro” (screenwriter) and “Diane McGee”(talent manager)

Logline: who what when where how. Boy tired of being small puts a quarter in a machine, wishes he’s big and wakes up as 30 year old Tom Hanks.

Best way to write scripts is to reduce it to something small. Synopsis, logline.

Characters internal and external problem. Don’t make it so complex. These should be apparent in outline and synopsis.

The voice is where the characters come alive.

Cure for writers block is to write out of sequence.

Understand beginning middle and end and how to get to those points.

Form and formula. The original blueprint and taking something that exists and switching it up. See what some else did and didn’t do. Avoid formula through rewrites.

Start with a What If. Come up with premise. Then characters. Interesting situations / hurdles. Rising conflict internal and external. Resolution on conflicts.

Barnaby Dallas and Sean Davis


20130302-115846.jpg“Through Maria’s Eyes” pitch




20130302-140520.jpg“Writer of the book Fight Club and Choke”


“New Sony 4K Projection”

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