Cinequest 2013 Opening Day Event

Get ready for opening night! Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7pm!

Enjoy a screening of Ginger And Rose staring Elle Fanning and Alice Englert.

The screening is at the California Theater 345 S. First Street.

The after party will be held at the Corinthian Event Center. Tickets are required.

Check out are new friend Felix Thompson’s short Lolotte screening March 1st at 1:30pm Camera 12 Screen 7



20130226-190313.jpgThe first night has finally come to an end. After our host engaged the stage at the theater with entertainment like backbending yoga, body painted women, and interesting advertisements, we settled in to watch the film Ginger and Rosa. See our review for more information on the film.



Once the film completed, we headed over to the after party to enjoy a massive columned building and its Greek style interior design.


20130227-051722.jpgAlthough the building was gorgeous, it didn’t compensate for the lack of appetizers and the non open bar, unfortunately. However, the photo booth was surprisingly fun! We were told that in the previous years at Cinequest, they actually had open bars and amazing food, so we were looking forward it only to be disappointed. I guess the real question would be… Is it better to have a luxurious building with only two free drinks non open bar and a minimum amount of appetizers, or a lesser elegant venue with amazing food and a full night open bar?… I personally would have to go with the latter.

I look forward to spending the next two weeks here to enjoy the films and festivities, but I hope the venue’s open bar and food policy doesn’t let me down again.

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