The Great American PitchFest is an annual event where screenwriters can meet with 100+ producers, agents, development executives, managers, and other industry professionals to pitch their tv show and movie scripts. It’s like ‘speed-dating’ for writers!  This is maybe the best and fastest way to meet the decision makers in Hollywood and get your script read!  How does the Great American Pitchfest differ from others? It’s one of the only pitchfest’s that offers FULL PITCHING ACCESS for one ticket price. Others make you pay per pitch.



Storylogue writers enjoy videos posted daily, including Q & A videos, lessons from Robert McKee and special guest presenters, and weekly interviews with top writers, producers, agents, actors and directors. There are even chat rooms where you can share thoughts with other writers, and Live Chats with Robert McKee where you can ask your own questions.

Robert McKee is the author of the award winning book on perfecting your writing craft entitled,”STORY,” which writers call the “Bible for Writers” as well as his famous STORY SEMINARS , which he tours internationally (portrayed in the Oscar Nominated film, “Adaptation”).

ScreenplayFest-MOVIE OUTLINE-Box

Movie Outline is innovative screenplay writing software that was designed by a produced writer to help you develop your film story, characters and structure, and professionally format your script. It uses the simple technique of “step-outlining” to create your outline and screenplay scene by scene and reference breakdowns of successful Hollywood movies in the same genre side by side with your own project. With Movie Outline you can develop character profiles, character arcs and structure your narrative using pre-defined color-coded structure templates such as the classic “3 Act Structure” or “The Hero’s Journey”. You can also customize these templates and create your own to suit your own writing methodology. Simply put, Movie Outline is the ultimate writer’s tool, taking your story from an idea to a final draft.



Each week an average of four writers option or sell their scripts using InkTip services. Winners of Screenplayfest will receive InkTip services to help them market their scripts to producers, agents and managers. Writers use InkTip every day to connect with industry professionals looking for writers to hire, scripts to produce and writers to represent. Whether you’re breaking into the industry or are an established writer, InkTip can help you further your career. More than 200 feature-length movies have been produced from writers and scripts found through InkTip.


3 Virtual Pitches! Are you tired of cold querying Hollywood and getting Radio Silence? Enter www.VirtualPitchFest.com, which enables screenwriters to Pitch Hollywood Pros online with the assurance of a guaranteed response back. With VPF, your query letters are sent directly to Pros via the site and responded to within 5 days. VPF now has 300+ companies all taking pitches online, including Studios, Major Production Companies, and Top Agencies.

Some of VPF’s BIG PLAYERS include MGM, Kopelson Entertainment, Yari Film Group, CBS Films, The Gersh Agency, 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, UTA, Spyglass Entertainment, Myriad Pictures, Alcon Entertainment, Mad Chance, ROAR, Davis Entertainment, The Donners’ Company, Laura Ziskin Productions, Mandate Pictures, Energy Entertainment, Original Artists, New Regency, and APA. Hundreds of screenwriters have received submission requests through VPF, many of which have resulted in representation or script deals. To pitch now, go to www.VirtualPitchFest.com


Ranked by Creative Screenwriting Magazine as the Industry’s Top 3 Picks for “Best Script Consultants” and #1 in marketing, Wendy Kram is a respected, active producer, working with hundreds of writers through consultations as well as studio and network deals.  Her credits include “Mad Money” with Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes. She has developed and produced award-winning film and television projects with Oscar talent for Universal, Disney, Warner Bros., HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, Showtime and Lifetime Networks. Known for her sharp insights about the market place, strong creative instincts, and extensive industry relationships, she provides insider tips and the right tools to advance your projects and careers.

Script Pipeline


Database and Developmental Phone Script Notes:
With over 1,150 listings, the Writers Database puts the film industry at your fingertips. Find information about agencies, managers, producers and production companies, what they’re looking for and how to contact them. Updated regularly, the Database includes a powerful search engine that can be tailored to your specific needs. No matter where you live, Script Pipeline’s Database connects you to Hollywood and beyond.

New York Film Academy Screenwriting Scho


The New York Film Academy’s screenwriting school offers aspiring screenwriters the opportunity to study a range of courses and workshops in screenwriting including a Masters in Fine Arts, Bachelor in Fine Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, One-Year Program and eight or twelve weeks workshops. For those students who are too busy to attend an in-class course, NYFA also offers two online screenwriting courses. Students can choose from either the Online Feature Screenwriting Course or the Online Original TV Pilot & Series both of which run for eight weeks and twelve weeks respectively. For more information please visit – www.nyfa.edu/screenwriting-school/


The Scriptwriters Network is a non-profit educational organization helping scriptwriters in film, TV and multi-media understand the realities of the entertainment industry. We host industry panel discussions at Universal Studios and craft based seminars at CBS Studios and Showbiz Store & Cafe.  We run the Hollywood Outreach Program for feature scripts, the Television Outreach Program, the High Concept Screenplay Competition and much more. The Scriptwriters Network is the ultimate resource for scriptwriters.  Visit us at www.scriptwritersnetwork.org. Sign up to receive our weekly newsletters or become a member today!


Taught for many years at The American Film Institute and UCLA Extension,with numerous credits in film and television. An award winning writer/producer with seven produced films and have been conducting professional level screen writing workshops for many years. Five films have been launched from my workshops. Including: Scream, Event Horizon, Teaching Mrs. Tingle Andre, and Niloofar.

Offering a seat in his PRIVATE class of only 6-7 writers for our Horror Winning Writer. Mr. Benest has written two horror films with Wes Craven, the master of horror. Cost of the workshop for 8 weeks is $450!


Your Query Letter reaches 5,500 producers, agents and literary managers!





1-Year Trial of Screenplay Promotion Service (valued at $120) which includes:

  • Unlimited ScreenwriterShowcase.com pages to promote ALL your screenplays.
  • Showcased on ScreenwriterShowcase.com’s Screenplays For Sale page.
  • View counters so you always know how often your screenplays are viewed.
  • Stat Blasts to announce your latest accomplishments.
  • Online submission so you can create and update your screenplay webpages instantly!
  • A writer dashboard to manage your screenplays.
  • Access to industry professional search page.


WordPower Technologies and award-winning playwright and screenwriter Peter Colley present Great Dialogue Software for writers, a computer program guaranteed to improve your dialogue skills. Named by Readers Digest in its “Best Software for Writers!”


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