Welcome Filmmakers!  Post a trailer or video pitch of your feature or short film on our website for reviews and feedback before attempting to send them to producers and distributors.  Let our community help perfect your pitch to raise your chances of a sale!

  • Trailers and Video Pitch Submissions must be for a Completed Feature Film or Short.
    • Links from Youtube and Vimeo are accepted.
    • No more then 3 minutes in length.
  • Filmmakers must be age 18 years or older.
  • Submitters must review a minimum of 10 uploaded Trailers in order to submit and for their project to stay active on our website.
  • You may submit a Trailer to promote your film or a Video Pitch to help sell your project.
  • The GOAL is to perfect your pitch and/or trailer before sending it off to producers, distributors and agents.  This Community wants to help YOU sell your film!
  • A winner is spotlit each month for the best trailer or video pitch.
  • Feel free to find screenwriters in our Script Fest and Logline Fest, and build a relationship!
  • It’s FREE to submit — click HERE!

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