• General Rules
  • Online Voting Rules
  • Additional Genre Rules
  • Script Revision Rules
  • Video Pitch
  • Basic Rules
  • Multiple Submissions Rules

For information on How To Vote and How To Submit, please click HERE.


There are 4 Separate Online Contests throughout the year.  The best screenplays from each contest will compete in the Grand Prize Contest — the final contest of the year.  The winners from the Grand Prize Contest win $5000 in Awards to improve their scripts and push their scripts through Hollywood’s door.

Deadlines for each contest may be found on the Deadlines page on the main menu under “Script Fest”.

Why do we have 4 Separate Online Contests?  So that YOU have the chance to resubmit to  future contest!

Why Resubmit? Update your screenplay from the feedback you were given, and have another chance to make it into the Grand Prize Contest.

NOTE:  More than 4 Screenplays from each Online Contest may be named as a Finalists if the judges determine that more than 4 Screenplays deserve it – this depends on the strength of submission.


  • Anyone may be a Member and Vote!  Your screenplay does not have to be accepted into Screenplay Fest’s Online Contest to be a member and to vote-on / review a screenplay.
  • How do I become a Member? Simply, click on the REGISTER link in the top right corner of the page!
  • Each member (contestant or other) will be able to vote ONE time on every script. You may NOT vote on the same Screenplay more than once. If you do so you will be disqualified.
  • EVERYONE MUST “vote on and review” a minimum of TWO screenplays (other than your own) for your votes to count, and to be eligible for “The Voter’s Award.”  Contestants will receive 2 Screenplay Assignments via email, which they must VOTE ON and REVIEW or they risk elimination.


All submissions qualify a screenplay to compete in ONE “Genre Group.”  There are FOUR Groups of Genres:

  • Drama
  • Comedy / Family
  • Thriller / Horror
  • Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Submitting a screenplay to TWO Genre Groups requires an additional fee of $15.00.

To submit your screenplay to an Additional Genre email us at

What are the benefits of Submitting to more than one Genre Group?

  • Each Genre Winner is awarded. CLICK HERE to read more.


You may submit a revision of your screenplay at any time BEFORE a contest deadline via email.

Otherwise, revisions include a $15.00 processing fee during the contest. Unlimited revision submissions.  To submit a revised script during a contest email us your revised screenplay at

Furthermore, if you already have submitted to one of our Online Contests and would like to submit the same screenplay into a future Online Contest during that same year, you may submit for $5.00 off the Entrance Fee.  (Note: this is only applicable if you submit through our website)

To do so, fill out the Screenplay Submission Form, Upload Your Script, and then email us at instead of submitting payment.  Subject: “Revised Script Submission”

We will be accepting VIDEO PITCHES at any time!  Writers may submit a link to their uploaded video pitch (from youtube or vimeo, etc) — A video of you pitching your project to excite members to read your screenplay!  Include your name, screenplay title and genre, maybe even a one liner about yourself, and most importantly… your pitch!  Click HERE to submit a Video Pitch via email!


  • ANY COUNTRY may Submit and/or Vote!
  • DO NOT MAIL US YOUR SCREENPLAY. This is an ONLINE COMPETITION.  Scripts should only be submitted through our website, or as a PDF File.
  • When you submit your screenplay, please NO contact information on the script. Only TITLE and NAME — this rule is recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Screenplays must be 90 to 135 pages in length.  We will accept Shorts, Spec Pilots, Stage Plays, or Teleplays to earn feedback; however, they will not compete for the Grand Prize.
  • Screenplays must be submitted in English.
  • All writers of submitted material must be 18 years or older, including co-authored material.
  • Screenplays must be the original work of the author.  1) Screenplays adapted from other sources that were written by other authors (such as but not limited to books or plays) are not eligible to compete in Philadelphia’s Screenplay Fest Competition, regardless of the source author’s permission. 2) Screenplays adapted from other sources by the author of that source are not eligible to compete in Philadelphia’s Screenplay Fest Competition if the source material has previously optioned, sold or produced.
  • Screenplays that have been previously optioned, sold or produced are not eligible to compete in Philadelphia’s Screenplay Fest Competition.
  • Please note, there are no refunds.  We may however offer you a free submission for another contest if issues due arise.


  • A writer may enter more than one screenplay; however, a separate entry form and fee (or two separate submissions through WITHOUTABOX) are required for each script submitted.
  • For more than two screenplay submissions, there is a $5.00 discount on two of the screenplay submissions (ie, submitting three screenplays would equal a $10.00 total discount). This discount is only applicable through our website — If you submit through WITHOUTABOX, you will not receive this discount.
  • Email us for more information:

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